Summer 2017

Dr. Johanna Farkas joined the group to pursue her post-doctoral research on the mechanics of joint development. Welcome Johanna!

Sabah and Judith presented their research at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research symposium in Dever, CO (ASBMR 2017).

Sabah and Judith presented their research at the Third Annual Skeletal Research Symposium in Boston.

Sabah Nobakhti presented his research at the Society of Engineering Science symposium in Boston (SES 2017).


Spring 2017

Adina Draghici successfully defended her PhD dissertation titled "Rescuing Osteoporotic bone in individuals with spinal cord injury". Congratulations Dr. Draghici !!

Adina's defense


Fall 2016

Shefelbine lab Christmas lunch!

Rachel Horenstein and visiting student Morgane Devismes won the "Engineering as Art" Excellence Award for their artwork presented at the 4th MIE Department Research Expo competition, Northeastern University. Congratulations Rachel and Morgane!


Sabah Nobakhti presented his research at the 6th Annual NEW.Mech Conference at Harvard University.

Sabah Nobakhti presented his research at American Society for Bone and Mineral Research symposium in Atlanta (ASBMR2016).


Spring 2016

Amanda Anderson organized a workshop for high school junior students through the Building Bridges program.

Adina Draghici presented her research at the 2016 ASIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Sabah Nobakhti presented his research at the ORS 2016 annual meeting in Orlando.

Sabah Nobakhti received the 2016 Alfred J. Ferretti Travel Award from the MIE Department, Northeastern University. Congratulations Sabah!


Fall 2015

Sabah Nobakhti successfully passed his PhD qualification exam in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations Sabah!

Dr. Angelica María Ramirez Martinez and Dr. Diego Alexander Garzón Alvarado will be taking sabbaticals at Shefelbine lab. Welcome to group!

Sabah Nobakhti's electron microscopy image of the bone was selected for publication on the cover page of Northeastern University Department of Bioengineering 2014-2015 Scholarship report. Congratulations Sabah!


Summer 2015

Adina Draghici successfully passed her PhD qualification exam of bioengineering. Congratulations Adina!

Anna Maria Barbiellini Amidei and Julie Ngauv joined the lab as part of the summer young scholars program.

Victor De Andrade Dantas and Maximiliano Porto Segundo joined the lab for their internship program.

Rachel Horenstein's paper An approach for determining quantitative measures for bone volume and bone mass in the pediatric spina bifida population was accepted to Clinical Biomechanics. Congratulations Rachel!


Spring 2015

Ali Alneami successfully defended his Master viva. His MSc thesis title is "Measuring blood perfusion in bone using NIRS (Bone Optical Spectroscopy)". Congratulations Ali!

Naiara Rodriguez Florez successfully defended her PhD viva. Her PhD thesis title is "Mechanics of cortical bone; Exploring the micro- and nano-scale". Congratulations Dr. Rodriguez!


Winter 2014

Amanda Andersen received the Provost Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors Award in the amount of $3,000.00 for the Spring 2015 semester. Thanks for your research, Amanda!

Congratulations to Naiara Rodriguez-Florez whose paper An investigation of the mineral in ductile and brittle cortical mouse bone was accepted to JBMR.


Summer 2014

Dr Jean Philippe Berteau was appointed as a faculty member at the Department of Physical Therapy, CUNY Staten Island and will form his group there.
Dr. Alessandra Carriero was appointed as a faculty member at the Department of Bioengineering, Florida Institute of Technology and will peruse her research there. Congratulations Jean and Alessandra!

Cover of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research June 2014 issue was selected from Dr. Alessandra Carriero's paper How tough is Brittle Bone? Investigating Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Mouse Bone. Congratulations Alessandra!



Spring 2014

Dr. Alessandra Carriero's paper Altered lacunar and vascular porosity in osteogenesis imperfecta mouse bone as revealed by synchrotron tomography contributes to bone fragility was published in Bone.
One of the figures of this paper was selected as the cover of the April 2014 issue of Bone. Congratulations Alessandra!


Andre Periera successfully passed his PhD viva. Congratulations Dr. Periera!


May 2013

Andre Pereira's paper The influence of load repetition in bone mechanotransduction using poroelastic finite-element models: the impact of permeability in Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology is now on-line.

Naiara Rodriguez Florez was awarded the ESB Student Travel Award to present her work entitled “Does the lacunar canalicular permeability of murine bone change with age?" at the European Society of Biomechanics.


January 2013

Dr. Max Vanleene's paper Therapeutic Impact of Low Amplitude High Frequency Whole Body Vibrations on the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Mouse Bone was accepted into Bone.

Dr. Shefelbine has now moved to Northeastern University (Boston, USA) as an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. She will maintain her contacts and ties with Imperial as she transitions.


November 2012

Congratulations to Naiara Rodriguez whose paper Insight into difference in nanoindentation properties of bone was accepted into J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. Pubmed Link

Dr. Max Vanleene is now a father. Welcome to his new son Yukiyori!


June 2012

Welcome to Phoebe Hollace Seidel (Dr. Shefelbine’s third child).


July 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Carriero on receiving the Royal Academy of Engineering Sir George Macfarlane Award. (press release)


March 2012

Max Vanleene’s paper on nano-structure of oim bone was accepted for publication in Bone.


Nov 2012

Jonathan Moodie successfully passed his PhD viva. Congratulations Dr. Moodie!


April 2012

Michal Doube’s paper on structure of bird bones was accepted in J of Anatomy. [doi]
Alessandra Carriero’s paper on muscle loads in CP gait was accepted in Comp Meth Mech [doi]

Sandra Shefelbine gave a public outreach talk on bones at the Wellcome Trust Pack Lunch Forum. [podcast]


Oct 2011

Sandra Shefelbine was featured in an article by IEEE on Biomedical Engineering Education in the UK.


June 2011

Congratulations to Alessandra Carriero for being selected as a Young Investigator Finalist in the International Society of Biomechanics Conference for her work entitled: In situ investigation of short crack propagation in mouse bone.

Congratulations to Lise Loerup for being selected for Best Final Year Project Presentation for her research on Three dimensional histology of murine bone and cartilage.


March 2011

Dr. Michael Doube’s paper entitled Trabecular bone scales allometrically in mammals and birds was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Biological Sciences). It has received local, national, and international press coverage a sample of which includes:

The Engineer: Animal bone structure analysis aids materials development

E! Science News: Study of 90 animals' thigh bones reveals how they can efficiently carry loads

BioScholar: Animals' thighbones study reveals how they can efficiently carry loads

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